Thursday, July 31, 2014


If you're not familiar with the term Hoes Over Bros...let me spell it out
for you. It means putting your friends first. Doesn't mean always putting
them first. We know all about priorities at our age. But our female friends
should never be put on the back burner. Believe me, you're going to need
I just heard a story about a group of boomer women who were divorced
and widowed. They planned a great trip to Europe together and the one
by one they started dropping out. Why? Because they were afraid the men
in their lives would replace them in the ten days they were gone. If a middle
aged man would dump you for not being around while you were having a
wonderful time with your friends, well he doesn't deserve you. I would
take another look and run like hell because you will always be looking over
your shoulder..
 Have we not progressed from junior high when as soon as
a boy came in the picture, bye-bye girlfriends. But who were the first ones
you went running to when the the love of your life dumped you. But face it
ladies...this is the story of our lives. I know because I've been there.
It gets worse when the biological clock starts ticking and the primitive hunt
for a husband begins. Those chicks aren't letting go for anything.  Female
friendship is at an all time low. God Bless those friends who would still
listen to you after twenty break ups.
You would think in our later years that we would be a little smarter about
friendship. But apparently , we're not. Not that we don't want men in our
lives ...we do. Of course we do. Men can be your best friend. Lucky are
those ladies who have a spouse and best friend all rolled into one.
But celebrate the Hoes....they are the ones who remember that you like
peonies and love a Gin and tonic on a hot day. They will tell you that
your ass looks big in that outfit. (although in a nice way).
They are the ones who will be there for you in a special way when your
daughter gets married or you find out you have a lump in your breast.
Hoes Over Bros. Oh yes.

Saturday, July 26, 2014



A tv company is looking for that  guy with handyman experience. You
know the type you're always looking for to fix things around your house and
you can't find. Then you end up having to to  Lowe's  and try and fix it yourself.
Well if you know a handy dandy dude tell him to apply for a new tv docu-reality series.

They're looking for a big personality with a sensitive side. You know the kind of guy
that can fix your air conditioner and has been known to cry watching Bambi. They
also want someone open-minded and competitive.

Be sure to include:1.  Your name (first and last)
2.  Contact phone number
3.  City/Zip where you live
4.  A brief description of your handyman type experience
5.  Recent photos of you (jpg format please)

Good luck!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


These are stellar tarts. You will be so proud to know how to make
them and happy,happy,happy to eat them. This is my mom's
recipe and it is gooooood. You make four individual tarts, but
with a little math you can make one big one. But whatever you make
there will never be enough. They are so delicious.
Start with 4 4x75  centimeters loose bottom tart tins (remember
she's a Brit)
14 oz of chilled sweet shortcrust pastry
4 oz butter
4 oz sugar
2 eggs lightly beaten
4 oz ground almonds
few drops of almond essence
4 oz blueberries
2 tbs almonds
Line tart tins with parchment and prick pastry and let chill
for fifteen minutes
Preheat oven to 375
Bake tart tins for fifteen minutes and remove from oven.

To make filling:
beat together butter and sugar beat in eggs andn stir in the ground almonds
and essence. Divide filling between the cases sprinkle with the blueberries and
Transfer to oven and bake for 25 minutes until golden.
Cool for 20 minutes,

Get set to impress.!!!! Mum says best served with
a lovely cup of tea.

Friday, July 18, 2014


I guess cooking for five picky people doesn't consitute being an executive
chef. But sometimes I could bark as mighty as Gordon Ramsey when I got a critical
review for a dinner.  And I know you got this kids wanted to know
first thing in the morning what we were going to have for breakfast...lunch..
.and dinner. What?  Not to mention the I'm-not-very-organized-so-I-have-to go-to
-the-grocery-store-every-day routine. Exhausting.
But hey, there a new food show in town and they are looking for executive
chefs and restaurant owners.  I'm asking you...yes YOU to apply. This is for the
Food Network and its a culinary challange show. It's called FOOD CHAIN.
So here's the scoop.
Send info listed to :
Be sure to include:1.  Your name (first and last)
2.  Contact phone number
3.  Occupation
4.  Bio with career highlights and resume
5.  Photo of you (jpg format please)
6.  Photos of 4 of your signature dishes (jpg format please)

Sunday, July 13, 2014


When it's too hot out to even contemplate putting on the oven or the stove
cole slaw is my go to alternative. I am lazy. I don't want to chop my own
cabbage so I buy a bag of plain coleslaw at the veggie counter. But what goes
in it makes the magic.
I chop the following:
red peppers
green peppers
then I add a can of drained black beans
handful of goats cheese or feta cheese
Mix up olive oil and lime juice and pour it on
Add salt , pepper
Then throw in whatever protein you have.... shrimp
It's delicious and I really could eat this almost every day. It tastes different every
single time I make it because it becomes whatever I have in the fridge.
Give it a try. You'll be please you did!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014



We know you're judgey...aren't we all. A new reality show is
looking for real judges (not your mother-in-law) or BFF. You can be
retuired...but you have to have a BIG personality and have some
experience in civil / legal matters.

So gavel up if you were ever a judge, or know someone who is. please
pass this on to your lawyer friends and tell them to pass it on.

Here's the summons:

Be sure to include:1.  Your name (first and last)
2.  Contact phone number
3.  City/State where you live
4.  A brief bio describing your experience as a judge, your personality

     , and why you'd be great for this show
5.  Recent photo of you (jpg format please)

Spread the word!!! Approach the bench !!! That's about all
the legal jargon that comes to mind.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


This year my parents , Joyce and Demetrio Morales, took our family for a trip
to a villa in Spain. What a deal.!!! So after hours of choosing locations
and booking flights for me and my kids...we were off to Sant Feliu on the
Costa Brava in southern Spain. About an hour from Barcelona. My sister
and I left from OKC with parents. We went to London  and stayed the night
then Spain.
We met Mallory from New York in Spain and the next day Morgan arrived
from OKC and Sami from Cleveland Getting there with elderly parents , luggage
and a wheelchairs wasn't exactly easy (but that's another blog).
This was our villa..... called Villa Sol and surrounded by beautiful farms
on a hill. You could hear donkey's braying and roosters crowing. It was amazing.
Full gourmet kitchen and room to sleep eleven. You could hang out on the roof
or swim in the pool and the beach was a ten minute jaunt. Heaven.
We  enjoyed everything. It was amazing to be with a brother who lives
continents away and enjoy the whole multi-generational thing. What an
opportunity!! Sometimes pictures just say it all. What a wonderful trip.
Thanks Mom and Dad!!! How lucky are we that you're still traveling .
.Mom likes her latte's and the view.
My Dad and Morgan
Side trip to beautiful Girona.
My nephew from the Ukraine, Christian.
Mal and Nana at a local restaurant. To be honest  (because we
are all cooks) no one thought the food was spectacular.
Sami at our hotel rooftop bar in Barcelona. Best
architecture viewing ever. Barcelona is now our favorite
European city.
Ah the view!!!

Sami, Morgan and Mallory in rooftop bar. Are you catching a theme here?
The gin and tonica *(as they call them) are awesome!!!