Friday, March 7, 2014


As a  Mom's  you are often called on to re-arrange the living environment of your
children. After all they want to grow and explore  and sometimes that means a
fort bed and sometimes a rock studio. You've been there. And it's no easy task
or cheap project. Little mermaid underwater environments don't come cheap.
The holes in the walls tell quite a story.

From Ninja turtles to Ralph Lauren and Hawaiian surfer girl to actual grungy
lofts in China Town I've done some decorating doozies. I'm sure you have too.

So it's exciting for me to tell you that your college age kids can actually win money
and be on a tv show to boot. That means someone else is paying for the art and the
bedspreads. Hot damn.

SPACE MAKEOVER is a new show form the folks that brought up The Real
World and Project runway. It's a real world alright when you see the mess your
kids can actually live in without blinking an eye.
This show cares how you kids manipulate their space and have a great college
We're here to help you put together an amazing space to make your college living

experience the best it can be!

Only snag is you have to have a kid in the Los Angeles area.

Tell you story to
Be sure to include:1.  Your name (first and last)
2.  Contact phone number
3.  Name of college you will be attending
4.  Will you be living on-campus (or let us know city/zip where you will be living - must be greater Los Angeles area)
5.  Do you have any issues you need to solve (not enough space, roommate has too many clothes, ugly furniture, etc.)
6.  Recent photo of you (jpg format please)

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  1. at least you didn't put a picture of my tattered room on here